Samaki brings you a new twist on the famous Murray Cod. An electric blue design detail enhances each and every feature of this beautiful species, from the sharpness of the fins to the depths of the mouth, check out the detail in the flesh and the extensive layers of teeth within. Our Murray Cod lies in the structure of submerged trees and branches camouflaged in hints of blues and silvers all the way to the silvery surface above.

A lightweight, long sleeve fishing shirt that is UPF 50+ and available in adult, youth and kids sizes.

Samaki Murray Cod Shirt


Code Model Size
3067 Murray Cod Shirt Small
3068 Murray Cod Shirt Medium
3069 Murray Cod Shirt Large
3070 Murray Cod Shirt X-Large
3071 Murray Cod Shirt 2XL
3072 Murray Cod Shirt 3XL


Kids & Youth

Code Model Size
3060 Murray Cod Shirt 2
3061 Murray Cod Shirt 4
3062 Murray Cod Shirt 6
3063 Murray Cod Shirt 8
3064 Murray Cod Shirt 10
3065 Murray Cod Shirt 12
3066 Murray Cod Shirt 14