Samaki Asalt Jig brings you a new concept in jig design. With its streamlined shape and unique centre balanced body the Asalt Jig will send fish into a feeding frenzy!! Designed to target any species on any reef worldwide, the specific action of the Asalt jig on the fall aids in the success of multiple strikes and hook ups. The Samaki team have also developed two options for rigging the Asalt jig, either rig from the top as you would traditionally with an assist hook or add an octopus skirt on its rear wire for added attraction.

With a size range of 60g, 100g and 150g, the ASALT jig is available in 5 fantastic colours consisting of Pilly, Bubble Gum, Gold Sunset, Pink Silver and Glow Zebra.

  • 60g / 95mm
  • 100g / 110mm
  • 150g / 125mm
  • Pilly, Bubble Gum, Gold Sunset, Pink Silver & Glow Zebra
  • Rear Wire Insert

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