This new 7” paddle tail is the new big brute of the Boom Bait family. An all new design concept for Samaki with painted detail, UV attributes and jig head accessory included in the packet. This Boom Bait is ready to go straight off the rack and into the water.

The paddle tail shape of the Bomb Shad is soft and pliable giving it a great swimming action, the swaying roll and paddle-tail thump releases a vibration through the water enticing the bite. The long tail is perfect for applying scent due to its ribbed features as well as having the ability to insert additional scent into the underbelly compartment or adding a rattle for greater effect. The three-point rigging system allows anglers to rig their plastic with ease.

Mega Bomb Shad  7″

Chartreuse UV Head

Grey Ghost

Lime Tiger UV

Pearl White

Turbo Mullet