Designed in Australia and crafted of the highest quality materials, Samaki Redic series has been created to be the ultimate in action and strength in its class.

A superior hardbody manufactured of premium ABS materials, supersonic welding to endure the harshest of environments , Redic’s are designed from the ground up to utilise the strongest hardware ensuring the end product has the ultimate action to entice the bite from the most elusive of species.


  • Depth: 0.8m + Diving Depth
  • Weight: 11g
  • Silent
  • Floating
  • BKK 4X Hooks
  • Sliding Magnetic Cast Weight

Redic Jerkbait SF90 (Silent / Floating )

Cleopatra Tiger UV

Pearl Perch

Grey Ghost UV

Hardy Head

Lime Tiger UV

Gold Assassin

Pink Lady


Turbo Mullet