Notorious for it’s high speed trolling ability the Pacemaker is now available in two outstanding new colours… UV Squid and Mahi Mahi!

Pacemaker’s sleek design has been tweaked and fine-tuned to allow you to troll faster with a wider trolling spectrum to attract a variety of aggressive fish species. Also known for its flexibility to troll at high or low speed with an ideal troll speed sitting at 6 knots for most pelagic species, the Pacemaker handles this with ease and can even increase its speed up to 15 knots in most models.

Structurally sound the Pacemaker incorporates a one piece stainless steel welded wire, heavy duty split rings, VMC 3X Perma steel hooks, realistic fish-eye, prism tape insert and plus the original Samaki designed colour concepts including slimey mackerel, yellow fin tuna, stripey and pilchard. Get out onto the water with the new Pacemaker to target Tuna, Mackerel, Wahoo, Barramundi, Kingfish and more.


Available in 140mm and 180mm in two diving depths each, ranging from 2 metres to 8-10 metres.