Load up your Silver Bullet with the perfectly weighted slug and watch as it projects it into the atmosphere as far as the eye can see.

Silver Bullet has taken surf rod technology into the future!! A new blank concept that is now available to the Australian fishing market for the first time… welcome to Oval Blank Technology. With the the base section of the rod utilising the oval blank construction thus enabling a greater more powerful cast launching your lure further and the tip designed for greater sensitive so you can feel the strike as it happens, you have got yourself one weapon for surf casting.

Built to withstand the elements the Silver Bullet consists of Japanese Toray Carbon Fibre 36 and 40 Tonne combined, Fuji K Guides and Fuji reel seat for longevity and super hard EVA grips for comfort.

Allowing you to travel far and wide with 4 models available all 2 piece from a 9’0ft heavy to a 12’0 ft extra heavy.

  • Oval Blank Technology
  • Fuji K Guides
  • Super Hard EVA Grips
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Japanese Toray Carbon Fibre Blanks


Silver Bullet 9’0ft Heavy

Code Model Length Action Line Cast
1255 Silver Bullet SSB-902SH 9’0 Heavy 15-30 lb 3/4 – 2 oz

Silver Bullet 10’6ft Heavy

Code Model Length Action Line Cast
1256 Silver Bullet SSB-1062SH 10’6″ Heavy 12-25 lb 1 1/2 – 3 oz

Silver Bullet 12’0ft Heavy

Code Model Length Action Line Cast
1257 Silver Bullet SSB-1202SH 12’0″ Heavy 15-30 lb 2-4 oz

Silver Bullet 12’0ft Extra Heavy

Code Model Length Action Line Cast
1258 Silver Bullet SSB-1202SXH 12’0″ Extra Heavy 20-40 lb 3-6 oz