Samaki launches into the tooling market for the first time, targeting functional, practical and desired tools for your convenience.

Stainless Steel pliers that are a blend of nickel and steel making them rust resistant yet strong. Ranging from long nose, to split ring and multi tool options.

Fish grips that are so bright you won’t spend all your spare time looking for them in your tackle bag, soft close feature on the lip yet that hold tight in place and are easy in the hand.

Line Spoolers that go anywhere, suction capped at the base for you to use when your in a hurry to re-spool.

The list goes on as will our extensions into the tooling category. Here’s a sneak peek for you to get you tempted.

Samaki Tools

Stainless Steel Pliers

Neon Fish Grips

Line Spoolers

Aluminium Pliers

Pro Lip Grips