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Ceramic Braid Scissor

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Samaki Ceramic Braid Scissors are rust-free and their tough ceramic blades mean they never become blunt or need sharpening.
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With superior cutting technology and blade longevity, they are the scissor of choice for all serious anglers! Durable, rust-free design is made for fishing. The tough ceramic blades will never need sharpening they are designed for braid or mono the ergonomic handle makes cutting line easy with the blades set to an optimal cutting angle. These scissors can be easily spotted in your tackle box making fast work of any task, the additional feature of a hook sharpener only adds to the Ceramic Braid scissors appeal.

  • Infinitely sharp ceramic blade
  • Made for braid and mono line
  • Rust free design perfect for fishing
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Bright for easy spotting


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