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Neon Fish Grip

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Fish grips that are so bright you won’t spend all your spare time looking for them in your tackle bag, soft close feature on the lip yet that hold tight in place and are easy in the hand.
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Product Details

The Samaki Neon Fish Grip is bright and easily visible in the bottom of your tackle bag, with a white body and neon accent tones ensuring you’ll never lose sight of your fish grip again while leadering in that big catch. With key features including a tight locking mechanism, heart-shaped lip grip and ability to float, the Samaki Neon Fish Grip will hold your catch tight. Even with a struggling fish, your grip’s locking jaw will hold and the Samaki-embroidered lanyard will keep your connection secure.

  • Floats in water
  • Rustproof construction
  • Simply grip to lock and flip to open
  • Safely land, display & release your catch with one hand
  • Unique jaw design, firmly and humanely holds fish
  • 8” in length / Weighs 68g
  • Available in Blue, Green and Pink


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